Catching up.

Catching up with the things I’ve put off all term.  I hand sewed Vince’s merit badges on his scout sash.  I find hand sewing a form of meditation.  If I had more time, I’d pick up needlework as a hobby.  I also spent some time looking for a marriage equality merit badge online – no luck.  Vince is going to advance in rank tonight, to Tenderfoot.  Which means that I’ll have to rip off a patch I just sewed on to put the new one on.  That’s how much I like sewing patches onto cloth.

Jeremy bought a new back up hard drive for the household IT infrastructure.  He was a sweetie and bought the DeskStar which is the descendant of the hard drive I used to make at IBM in the late 90s. Ah, the fond memories of a well-running manufacturing line.  I hope to someday make something again.

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