Classes are over.

Classes are over!  After the last final, my nursing class went to a nearby restaurant to celebrate.  Here is a photo with me actually in it.  I handed over huge-ass camera to a waitress and she took the photo with everyone in it.  I’m posting the out-take, which I always like better than the “regular” one.

I love the feeling that you get when you are done with the last final.  The feeling of complete done-ness.  You never really get that as a grown-up that often.  As a grown-up, things are never done.  The house is never completely clean, there is always something lingering at work, the kids always need something.  But school?  School can be done done done.  And then you can celebrate and have a beer in the bright sunlight.

I took about 300 photos at this party.  It was the strangest thing – everyone, everyone clamored to have their photos taken.  This is so not my generation.  So many of my like-aged friends do not want to pose, do not want to acknowledge the camera.  I have cultivated my camera skills to be stealthy.  To not bother people as they do their thing.  I’m very good at taking photos on the sly.

The selfie / Facebook generation cannot resist having photo after photo taken of them.  I would take 20-30 photos of a single person and they would pose in all the possible pose-able positions.  Smiling, smirking, laughing!  I have not had an easier time getting 300 photos of any set of people.

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  1. Amy – thank you! It's so strange, the photo taking. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It's wonderful and easy to take photos of people who want their photos taken.

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