Busy Mom, Especially This Year

Well, Mom and I are going to Turkey for a two-week land tour soon.  In June, she is going to Europe with her relatives to have a 12-day tours.  In August, we are going to have a family re-union in Pacific Northwest for 2 weeks (can’t wait & look forward to it).  Then, she is planning a Russia trip with her big brother and sister.  During Thanksgiving and X’mas time, I guess she will be busy with her grand kids too.

We are also planning a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru in January or February time frame.

Besides her gardening work and a planned addition to our U Street (with her WA PE stamp, she got the BUILDING PERMITS fairly quick), I guess she is pretty busy with her other stuffs and that is good.

There are a lot of positions still available in my place and, I have no doubt, she could help us a lot.  But I discourage her to get into the work force again.  I believe, there is no sense for us to have two incomes once more. With no one notices the baton, any non-short-term investment return is virtually nil to us.  Instead, to enjoy today is the best.  It is even more self-evident, in light of one of our good friends has been diagnosed with cancer recently, that every one can only visit this World once, not twice.

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