Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.  Jeremy made me cinnamon buns.  Just follow the recipe in the Joy of Cooking and everyone will be amazed.  I prefer the one with nuts – I’m not a fan of frosting.  But some people in the family are allergic to nuts, so they were limited to the ones with only frosting.  I’m sure they were disappointed.

Vince holding my unnaturally colored flowers:

Every once in a while, you get a photo of Edda that just, kind of, maybe, shows a glimpse of what she would look like without Rett Syndrome.  You gotta make sure there is no arm brace, no wheelchair, no bib and no one really holding her.  I can’t decide if this is one of them.  She’s still clenching her teeth a little tightly, but it’s close.  She looks like such a grown-up!

Bette’s birthday always coincides with Mother’s Day.  So we sung her the birthday song and gave her a lot of soap/bath products.

Since it was Mother’s Day, we insisted that the children sit at the table.  Usually, they sit at the island or drift in and out during the meal.  It’s a tight squeeze, but we did it.

Cinnamon buns demolished!

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  1. Edda looks beautiful. And, those cinnamon buns. I could just cover myself with all their sticky deliciousness. OMGoodness do they look good!!

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