46th Anniversary of Our Engagement

Today, before Vincent  & his grand mom Katherine taking off to Sweden, Rena and I celebrated our 46th anniversary of engagement two days earlier.  We had a wonderful family dinner together at Founding Farmers restaurant (one of Doris’ favorites?) in Potomac, MD.  Before & during our dinner, no one (except us) knows we have a celebration.

After dinner, Vince ordered a slice of cheese cake.  I guess he has the same DNA taste buds as Donald’s. Both of them like cheese cake and I do too.  May be, everyone likes cheese cake, just like everyone loves beacons, even Ruby does.  Just don’t know.

I am glad that Rena’s left elbow and hand are getting much better and she has been trying to make 水饺 (dumplings) for me, at least, for past several days.  Since it requires a lot of coordination of both hands, I think her should not over work her left hand until it gets completely healed.  Too few exercises are not good, too much is bad also.  Though her dumplings are delicious, but I can wait.

Well, Happy Anniversary 🙂

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