Edda’s going to Camp JCC starting on Monday.  We love Camp JCC.  Here’s Edda with some returning counselors who stopped by to say hello.  I don’t know who they are because I’m not really allowed to be at camp.  Edda has this WHOLE OTHER LIFE that I know nothing about.  I just pay the $; she has a good time and comes home tan and tired and makes friends and she tells me nothing about it.

We met Edda’s one-on-one counselor on Friday.  We taught her how to fold/unfold the wheelchair, how to use her old Android phone to play videos and how Edda walks but does not go up and down stairs and does not use her hands.  It’s always a little nerve wracking handing Edda over to someone for 6 hours.  It’s not that I think Edda’s going to have a terrible time, it’s just that I hope the counselor has a good time!  I think I would collapse if I had Edda for 6 hours a day on the go-go-go, to the pool, to camp game, to sing, to do arts and crafts and to dance.  It already sounds tiring and I’m only typing it out. This is Edda’s 4th summer, and it’s always been great.

Edda’s secret talent: eating and sleeping at the same time.  Bet you can’t do that.

The house is crowded now with our cousins living in our basement, so when guests come to the house (like Kiki to take Vince to Sweden), we bring Edda into our room and let the guest stay in Edda’s room. Good night, Edda!

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  1. sleeping on the floor is very good for your back. I always sleep on the floor.

    Since then, my back doesn't freeze up for a day or two at all. Usually, it will happen once every other 2 to 3 months.

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