Afternoon with Vince and Edda.

Jeremy’s out of town for 10 days.  He’s rarely gone for the weekend, but this weekend he’s not here.   It’s just me, Edda and Vince.  The weekend was so beautiful, all the windows in the house were wide open to bring the outside to the inside.  Vince likes to make sure Edda is well hydrated.

I’m trying to teach Vince how to study.  He is falling behind in Chinese because he’s having trouble remembering how to write the characters.  We got an app for flashcards and I’m teaching him what it really means to study efficiently.  He kind of groans, but he puts up with it.   It does take 40 minutes to go through the stack.  It’s not easy for Vince to understand that these things take diligent work and that work is sometimes tedious and boring.  I’m actually going through the flashcards at the same time with Vince.  Maybe it means that I’ll be literate in Chinese someday.  Vince does score better than I do on being able to recall the characters.  It’s been many years since I’ve written any Chinese words, it’s interesting to see what I can still remember.  Of course, I know only the complicated characters and Vince knows only simplified.

Christine introduced Vince to ketchup flavored potato chips.  Gross.  Blech.

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