If one is lucky, there is a brief (or if you are even luckier, extended) moment in mid-life where your kids are old enough to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and your parents are young enough to travel and be independent and enjoy all the benefits of their years of hard work.  I think that moment for me is right this very minute.  I’m trying to do so many things before this window of opportunity closes – I’m so enjoying everything right now (especially if I get enough sleep).

This week has provided just a tiny taste of what taking care of my parents will really mean.  I actually uttered the words, “Are you sure you don’t want to move in with us for a few weeks?”

Took mom today for her ortho follow-up after the surgery.  My mother is very trusting of the doctors.  I asked, are there screws? plates? in your arm?  Do you know if the metal is going to come out later?  Are you going to have PT?  No one is really sure.  Hmmm.  So I saw the x-ray today.  There is one huge plate running down the proximal ulnar bone with about 9 screws holding it in place.  There is one screw that appears to be going in diagonally through the joint.  I’m not even sure what that one is there for. Mom shattered the elbow end of the ulna into a million pieces.  Thank God it wasn’t her hip.

Ten days in the splint has rendered the elbow and wrist both stiff.  So we made it to PT where flexion, extension, range of motion were all measured.  Mom’s going to do PT exercises every hour (!) to try and regain the full range of motion.  So it means PT sessions 2-3 times a week for 2-3 months.   So dad is working in TN and I’m here handling PT sessions with Mom.  I love you, Mom!  It’s no trouble really.

Mom did invite me out to lunch after a morning full of bone-related appointments.  I declined citing that I actually needed to do some work.  You know, to pay the mortgage.

You are totally buying me a very nice dinner somewhere for doing your half of the driving.

One thought on “Midlife.”

  1. I think Doris and Jeremy need to have annual physical. Pretty old and they are getting there. Donald, may be, can wait for a bit longer.

    This weekend, I will come back to check on Mom. May be she needs to do some shopping. Not too bad, about 10 hour drive each way.

    Doris, I think we should have a family get together meals this weekend and I can pick Jeremy up at airport on Saturday.

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