Day with Mom.

Mom had a bunch of appointments that she needed to go to today, so I took the day off and filled the empty spaces between appointments with things that she’s never tried before.  She got her first pedicure:

Had her first Indian buffet with mango lassi for a drink. Do you remember the first time you tried chicken tikka masala? Yum!  My mother agreed.

And finally, I took my mom to my acupuncturist.  She had never been.  As I opened the door of the office to introduce my mom to George, the acupuncturist, they exclaimed that they actually knew each other.   George turned to me and said, “I knew I knew you from somewhere!”  I do look remarkably like my mother.  George has a beautifully labeled herb cabinet, but all the herbs are old.  He hasn’t maintained them in many years because it takes up too much of his time.

I’m hoping George can loosen up some of the scar tissue in my mom’s elbow so she’ll be able to do the PT exercises more efficiently.

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