Jeremy is finally home tonight!  Thank goodness.  We need someone competent to captain the ship so I don’t run the whole thing aground.  Mainly in terms of food. We are down to the dredges in the freezer. If he doesn’t come back soon, we all may get scurvy.

Vince managed to bandage his minor skinned knee in this large monstrosity.  He’s being a bit of a baby.

In a moment of mindless multitasking inspiration, I’ve decided to knit hats during phone calls or online training at work.  I’ve already made one hat last week.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

Forget the app Coffee Meets Bagel to meet girls – just try the tactic that is taking middle school by storm – it’s called “zap”.  You set up your pal by writing “zap” on his hand and then a time – in this case “6th period”.  Then, on the palm of your pal’s hand, you write the girl’s name.  Vince would not let me take a photo of the girl’s name.  So at the proper time, the owner of the hand has to ask the girl out.  So Vince asked the girl out during 6th period.  To which the girl answered, “Are you serious?” To which Vince showed her the palm of his hand.  I think then she said “oh” and then walked away.  Ah, middle school can be tough.

Edda went with her school to Breezy Point on Thursday.  She walked the whole day and got sunburned a bit on her back.  She brought home these shark’s teeth for me.

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  1. Looks like a good bandage job Vince. Maybe you can be a "murse", male nurse. Your mom has 20 tomato plants. Whoa. Is she a redneck from East Texas?!

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