Off to Sweden. And our frat house.

Vince is off to Sweden.  He and Kiki left yesterday, late afternoon from Dulles.  I’m hoping to track him via Instagram, but do far, no sign.

Each summer, I try to schedule “just enough” for Vince.  I think it’s important that Vince has some time just to hang out with friends and sleep late.  This past week, Vince had some down time and we hosted so many boys.  It’s like a frat house here.  Well, minus the girls, the beer, the loud music and the sticky floors.  OK, maybe it’s only like a frat house in the sense that there were stinky boys staying up late and sleeping in and eating cold pizza.

Hey – where are you going with that pizza?

Food only in the kitchen and dining room! This is Jeremy’s rule. I am not good at following this rule either.  Only Edda is disciplined enough to follow this rule.

The handoff.

Watching a movie and playing video games.


Chicken tenders.

Three boys asleep.  Wake up!  The day is a-wasting.

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