Skinned knees.

Vince and I are sporting matching skinned knees – his is slightly newer than mine.  Vince fell off his bike.  I tripped and fell while on a run.  We both agreed that there is a moment when you first fall when the shock of falling renders you aware of having fallen, but not yet aware of the pain.  Then you think, oh, this should really hurt and then that’s when you feel the pain.  After that, our experiences deviate.  Vince sprang up amid a gathered group of classmates who were rushing to his aid.  I got a text from a neighborhood mom who saw him fall and tried to give him a ride home.  He got back on his bike and went quickly home.  I, on the other hand, lay on the ground for half a minute doing a silent head to toe check to see if I broke anything – which, thank goodness, I did not.  Then I lay on the ground for another half minute thinking – oh,  I wish someone would text my mom and then give me a ride home.

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