Thursday night is usually date night, but Jeremy’s still away, so I took my mother out for a date.  We went to the Bethesda Crab House.  We took the Metro to downtown Bethesda.  My mom hasn’t ridden the metro in 30 years, so that alone was an adventure.  I’d never been to the Bethesda Crab House, but it had good reviews on Yelp and I thought my mom would like it.  As we were walking there, we both agreed that we’d have the crab cake sandwiches because how could my mom possibly dig and hammer into a crab with her broken wing?

But as soon as we saw the packed restaurant and the plates overflowing with steamed crabs, my mother changed her mind and we got a dozen medium sized crabs.  I entertained myself by watching how delighted my mother can get eating crab.

I find the work to food ratio for crab a little high.  But my mother disagrees.

Today, we went to the 2nd PT session.  The therapist remarked that mom is doing great, all her numbers for flexion/extension/etc. have improved markedly.  My mother is an overachiever.  Slowly but surely.  My mother is eager to get back to the west coast to tend after 20 tomato plants.

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