I am the luckiest.

I am the luckiest.  I’m learning to hold two contradictory feelings in my hand at the same time and have it be OK. I’ve always wanted something to be one thing or another which I’m learning is never really so.  Without Rett Syndrome (unlucky) I would have never met these wonderful women (lucky!).  They are part of my everyday and I’m forever grateful.  Jeremy was kind enough to cook us a delicious dinner – he and Edda were honorary members of girls night in.

One of my favorite things to do is to do something with someone that they love to do.  I’ll do anything at least once if it’s your favorite thing ever.  Genealogy, stamp collecting, hockey games – all of it’s a lot of fun if you are with someone else who loves it to pieces.  Marta loves, loves, loves makeup – so we set up some lights and admired her huge makeup collection and then had her do all our faces.  Makeup is foreign territory for me, I didn’t even wear any makeup at my wedding.

I wish I got a photo of my face (which I loved and Marta told me was an everyday look), but it was late, I was a little tipsy and the photo was forgotten…  Next time.

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