Mom off to Washington State.

Dropped off mom at BWI on Saturday.  She did great during the few weeks of PT that she managed to get through here in DC.  Flexion is pretty much full range of motion – as for extension, she’s got only about 10 degrees to go.  Headed to the West Coast.

2 thoughts on “Mom off to Washington State.”

  1. It was right to go back to Maryland to fix my arm. The doctors are located nearby and Doris is nearby too. We had great time.

    We will move back to MD when we are really old (when we could not drive.

  2. Rena,the way I drive,it probably will take a long,long time, I hope. But, one never knows what future holds, especially at our age.

    I look forward to our family re-union which will come soon in the Pacific Northwest.

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