All about that bass.

This is what we are dancing to here in the Lee/Martin household.  The first day of school was yesterday and it wasn’t all about that bass, it was all about the shoes.  Middle school is about the shoes – forget algebra and no-vegetable lunches, everyone just wants basketball shoes.  While we were in Portland, we did make it to the Nike outlet where Vince and got a pair of basketball shoes.  Donald told us the most incredible Nike store is the employee store where all the merchandise is the latest/greatest with a sweet 50% discount to go along with it, but we didn’t get to go to the mecca of basketball shoes because that ship has sailed.

Going to school was fine and exciting (violin strapped to the back, now that’s cool).

Coming home was another story.  Vince was surprised and overwhelmed with the amount of work and also upset that the summer math and reading packets were actually due on the first day of school.   Hmmm…it’s always a tough wake up call for Vince – the actual working and studying part of school.  But today was much better, homework done early and cheerfully and he’s looking forward to working in the school store in the mornings.

Edda was so excited Sunday night when we talked about school the next day.  She smiled when I told her that Ms. Carmen was going to pick her up in the morning and that Ms. Maureen would be thrilled to see her after a long summer away.

Nat put her hair in a beautiful first-day-of-school braid.

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