Edda had a few visitors last week right after we got home from vacation.  Eliana (au pair #2) came to visit with her mother.  I got to tell Eliana’s mom, in person (although not in Spanish), how much we loved having Eliana take care of the kids.  Eliana got to show her mom her room (thank you Nat for letting them into your room). They were headed to the beach right after their visit.  Since Eliana visited us so frequently after she moved back home and now lives in the US, she is the au pair that has really gotten to see the kids grow up.  She started working for us when Edda started kindergarten and Edda’s starting 5th grade tomorrow – her last year of elementary school.

Izzy also came by the same day to visit Edda.  Izzy was Edda’s JCC inclusion counselor #3 and she managed to squeeze in a visit with us right before she headed back to Indiana U.  Edda relaxed and fell asleep in her arms.  So sweet.

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