All Back Home Again

Yesterday (8/20, Wednesday), everyone left Washougal, WA, except Rena and me.  Sunday, I am going to leave too.  Therefore, Rena will be the only one here.  However, 2 weeks later, I will be back for a short, weekend visit.

The day before yesterday, I saw Vincent hided in our Study alone doing his own things.  When asked, he said that with all these days together, elbow-to-elbow, he had a lot of fun.  But, still, he likes to have some quiet time alone.  How true is it?  Indeed, Rena and I are very glad to see them all coming.  But, also, very glad to see them all leaving.  But, after their departures, we feel a bit lost yet still look forward for the next family re-union.  And, hopefully, our family size will be bigger slightly.

The night before their departures, we held a family meeting.  Vincent was included.  In it, we congratulated ourselves and each other about our re-union and Jeremy was elected unanimously as our “Family Travel Agent” to plan for the next one, next year.

Of course, we had a lot of laundries to do.  Dishes to wash.  Floor to be vacuumed.  Clean-up to do and put everything back to where it belongs, as we prefer.  And, above all, fortunately, we had a chance to do all these. Better to do something like these than not be able to do anything.

As Vincent’s, Rena and I would also like to have some quiet time alone.  Therefore, we are going to celebrate our 44th anniversary on Friday (8/22) alone – a precious, quiet time just for ourselves.

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