Lake Crescent.

We are back from vacation. We spent most of the time on the Olympic Peninsula outside of Seattle which is a temperate rain forest.  Coming from DC, I found it cool and refreshing.  Coming from SF, Donald found it terribly humid.  It was beautiful and relaxing as you saw in my father’s posts. But no matter how wonderful a vacation is, it is always nice to get back home and fall into the regular routine again. We are back at work. Edda had an open house at her school this morning that we missed because I’ve been failing to check email or phone messages for two weeks. Vince is frantically doing his summer packets due on Monday (which I have been reminding him all summer to do which resulted in the standard number of sighs and eye rolls back at me). We are trying to pull together school supplies, soccer cleats, schedules and paperwork. I took almost a thousand photos on vacation and I’m not sure which ones to post, but I’ll start (and maybe end because life continues on and who wants to look at 2-week-old vacation photos?) with my favorite series of photos on the dock of Lake Crescent. It was cold and I did not plunge in myself, but these two did it over and over again to the dismay of all the sweatshirted tourists on the dock.  Happy end of summer y’all!

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