Copy Cats

A lot of our friends, especially those of our college mates (more than 150 and, of course, all seniors), learn that we try to have a family-reunion every year, they are jumping in and doing exactly the same thing – to have a family re-union.  It just like wildfire spreading very fast.

But, I guess, most credits should go to all participants.  Our half (1/3) is easy, Mom and I are retired or semi-retired.  The other half (2/3) isn’t that easy.  Understandably, their schedules are more than full and, may be, they have other interesting/urgent things to do.  And/or, they enjoy things that seniors may not. Therefore, I guess, when arranging the re-union, a lot of behind the scene compromises are made.  To that, Mom and I are very much aware.

In short, Mom and I look forward to having family re-union every year and appreciate your companionship.

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