Apple. Laugh. Brownie in a cup.

Someone brought a bushel of apples to class today.  Do you know the thing that they do in TV shows where when the patient flatlines and then the doctor yells “Clear!” and then they take the paddles and shock them back to life?  TOTALLY WRONG. You can only shock a person into regular sinus rythmn if their heart still has some electrical signalling going on.  If they are flatlining (aka asystole), you are reduced to giving adrenaline with some CPR (and some O2 for good measure).  I guess I can’t learn medical stuff from TV.  I do miss watching ER (1995!).


Vince and Edda hanging out this afternoon.  If you look close enough, you can see Edda’s weird molar growing in her palate.


Vince made brownie in a mug.  Someone has a good recipe for this, but not Vince.  Yucky.  Maxi is interested.

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