Bard. West Point. Seth. Andres. Pip.

Quick trip to the Hudson Valley to take advantage of the 1.5 days off for the Jewish New Year. Jeremy, the kids and Nat went up first.  I stayed behind to do some school stuff and then took the bus/train up myself later in the week.

Jeremy worked for part of the time he was there, giving a talk at Williams and taking in conference calls.  He also cooked a lot.

Saturday, we went to West Point for a philosophy talk.  Bob was the only one who went to the talk, the rest of us had fun on the fields and went to the visitor center.  This hoodie game went on a little too long.

Hung out near Ike.

West Pointers on the right.  Bard students on the left.  But maybe you could have figured out that one on your own.

The highlight of our West Point trip was eating in the mess hall.  It’s huge.  All 5000 cadets are in formation at noon outside the mess hall.  Everyone is seated by 12:10pm and lunch is over at 12:30pm.  It’s here we learned that the penalty for missing class is to walk back and forth across a courtyard with a rifle and dress uniform for five hours.  If you are caught on a horizontal surface with a member of the opposite sex, the penalty is up to 120 hours of marching.

Emy and her boyfriend Seth cooked us a wonderful pasta dinner in their totally cute place in Tivoli.  Vince declared all of Tivoli “Instagram-able”.

We said goodbye to Pip and Andres.  Thank you Nat for coming with us and working and giving up your weekend.  You were so much help, especially when I was in DC and Jeremy was working – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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