Chinese food.

Last night we had dinner with Kelly (Vince’s violin teacher),  Shy-Luen (Kelly’s husband and a conductor), Erika (a bassoonist – which is the instrument I would pick now to learn if I had to learn a musical instrument) and Wei (Erika’s husband and an opera singer).  So much music! Lots of talk about cooking and Chinese food.  Wei is singing with the Washington National Opera and his speaking voice is incredible.  So buttery and smooth and deep – I wanted to keep asking him questions just to hear his voice more.


Then today, I went to another Chinese restaurant with Joan, Christine’s mom.  I needed to do an interview for a gerontology paper and Joan was up for it.  Joan is amazingly independent for an 86-year-old.  She travels, keeps in touch with many friends, and hopes to finish writing a children’s book soon…

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