Nerd humor.

Jeremy came back from MIT with this shirt.  I love this shirt, but Vince grabbed it before I could and wore it to school today.

You guys get it, right?

E = mc2
i =
The last equation, the ideal gas law, is the most beautiful equation I have ever learned.  More beautiful than F=ma and a2+b2 = c2.   I think the most beautiful equations are the ones you learn first. Last night, I even remembered that the gas constant R is 8.314 after so many years of not thinking about it.  Of course, it is the ideal gas law meaning that gasses in real life don’t adhere to the equation perfectly because it assumes that there is no attraction between the gas particles.  I remember being a bit upset when I had to learn the modification to the equation to take into account the deviations from ideal-ness.  

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  1. When joking with Civil Engineering friends, I always said that the mother-hood law for Civil Engineering is actually a very strip-down version of the equation from gas dynamics – the Navier Stokes equation. This equation is in use by Mechanical Engineers to resolve gas dynamics. In it, if we assume in-compressible, heavy viscosity, etc., it becomes the fundamental laws for steel and concrete 🙂

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