Sub-Floor Is Up for U Street Addition

Mom was pretty excited to watch the sub-floor of her addition gradually taking shape.  Beneath that, I have already made the sewage connections and placed the 6 mil plastic sheets for ground cover to channel the possible Radon gas emission and to keep the ground moisture out.  The plastic sheets are there but not completely fixed in place. I guess after plumbing work (DIY) and insulation (by others) I will put them in place properly with a staple gun.

This year, it seems that Mom can finish framing, roofing and siding parts.  The rest is for next year.  The first thing on the list for next year is new deck to connect the old one at the back.  This way, it will make in-and-out much easier through the back exterior door of the addition.

And the last thing for this year is to put the fence in front back to its original place.  I don’t think it is hard.

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