Date night.


Date night = Whole Foods + Old Navy.  One of my favorite places to have dinner is Whole Foods.  I like their salad/hot food bar because it seems like everything is possible.  Want to have Chinese food with collard greens?  Or do you want to have quinoa with strawberry cake?  Yummy.  No one else seems to like this idea.  But Jeremy indulged me tonight and took me there.


Then we headed to Montgomery Mall where I tried on many, many leather jackets on behalf of Edda.  We are trying to pull together an Amelia Earhart costume for Edda for Halloween.  I could not find any leather jackets at my favorite price point (eight dollars), but I did find a flowing white scarf for her to wear.


One thought on “Date night.”

  1. On November 20th (Thursday, but not the last Thursday of the month), I propose to have a double date with Mom. That depends my flight is on time to IAD, Washington around 4:00 PM from Knoxville, TN.

    I guess Mom is still sleeping at this moment. But, I propose again that [without her input :)]on November 21th (Friday), we are going to have dinner together to celebrate Mom's birthday.

    Just pick-up a place that you and Edda like.

    Mom will be back to Washington DC soon – next week or next, next week.

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