Good morning.


Good morning Rockville!  I see so many sunrises these days.  It means that I go to bed really, really early.  I’m learning stuff like what to do for: heart attacks, hypotension, asthma attacks, COPD, heart failure, hemolytic blood reactions, hypoglycemia, kidney failure, AIDS, and spinal cord injuries.  I’m dutifully memorizing all the signs and symptoms of all the most commonly seen issues, all the drugs (generic and trade names), all the side effects and the antidotes of the drugs.  I’m able to rattle off all the normal lab values and what happens when the lab values go out of whack.  It’s really interesting, but I consider this stuff almost secondary to the other important thing that I’m learning which is to touch people and do a full hands-on head-to-toe assessment: take their pulses and listen to their heart/lungs/belly and then really listen to what they are saying.  This is harder than you think it would be.


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