Date night = IKEA.  Jeremy is trying to convince me that this desk is going to totally change the workflow in the house.  A modern organizational miracle.

We misestimated that a queen sized bed would fit into the minivan.  Had to tie it to the roof.



Would it be remiss of me to not talk about Ebola?  This has been a crazy week to be a bedside nurse (in training) in a hospital.  I’m not immune to having my blood pressure and heart rate rise when I watch 15 minutes of CNN.  Yes, I have friends who work in ERs, I have friends who are nurses at NIH, and I have friends who have kids that needed to be in the ER this week surrounded by feverish people.  Yes, I have put on PPE equipment to protect me from C-diff and MRSA beacuse every third patient have these hospital aquired infections.  Yes, I’ve seen Contagion.  Please just go out and get your flu shot, OK?  They are at every Safeway, CVS and Walgreens.  There are flu clinics at school and work sites. Don’t follow the red herring.

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