What happened today.


The queen-sized bed we bought a week or so ago was for Edda.  We’d been sleeping with her in a twin sized bed for 10 years.  She’s 85 pounds now and takes up a lot of space.  You always ended up with a crick in your neck or your arm would fall asleep.  Now sleeping with Edda, the grown-up gets his/her very own spot!


Jeremy made a PB and J sandwich for his long bike ride this morning.  He managed not to hurt himself (on either the bike ride or making the sandwich) and for that, I’m thankful.


Vince and Edda watching TV.  Edda’s cheeks are all red from her hand mouthing now, a sure sign that winter is coming and the air is dry.


Jeremy made hand-pressed hamburgers with tater tots for dinner tonight.  I always think the hand-pressed burgers have too much meat in the patty, so I asked Jeremy to slice my patty along the horizontal axis and I eat only half the burger.  Guess who got the 2nd half?  Why these two well behaved doggies of course.


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