Vince went camping with the scouts this weekend.  It got to 15 degrees on Friday night.  Vince forgot his coat at school on Friday and was going to leave for this campout with only a sweatshirt in hand.  I had been bugging Vince all week about underdressing to go to school (shorts/T-shirt) but usually I let that go 99% of the time because 15 minutes in 30 degree weather in shorts isn’t going to kill him, but I drew the line at going camping in below freezing weather with a sweatshirt.  I gave him the puffy jacket off of my back and when he got home, he admitted that the coat was very helpful.


Vince has been mucking around in the garage a bunch the past few weeks.  I’m not exactly sure what he is doing, but he seems to be enjoying himself.  Lots of sanding, hammering and spray painting.

He takes his PPE seriously.

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