Just for Mom

After having a nice dinner for Mom’s birthday yesterday, today I am busy with things just for Mom.  
Since Mom hurt her left arm (due to her second fall this year), it is difficult for her to take the straight stairs down.  Of course, she can always use the curvy one instead.  But, just too in-convenient. Therefore, I finished an additional hand rail on the right (Picture I).  
She like to take a bath in the tub, but it is difficult for her to get in.  So, I installed a grab bar for her (Picture II).  
For the shower place, just to be super cautious, I installed a vertical grab bar also (Picture III).
I also replaced all the mats with anti-slippery ones (Picture IV).
Since I am going to remove all wooden boards in her garden, I did buy 30 bags of mulch today as re-placement.  
Suddenly, after I finished all these.  I really think I am old because our house right now is a senior-friendly type with all these bars, mats, etc.
Oh, for two toilets (one in her bath room, one downstairs), I have ordered two hand rails from Amazon two.  They haven’t arrived yet.  I probably can put it up next weekend when I come back again.

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