Where are we again, exactly?  Oh yeah, we are at the ortho’s office again.  Guess who broke her arm again?  That’s right.  My mom.  This is the story of her left arm:

30 years ago, sliced open her finger to the bone on a garbage disposal.
20 years ago, broke her wrist running away from a dog
this spring, broke her elbow rushing to dinner
last week, broke her shoulder gardening

Let’s not think about where this is leading.  I told her perhaps she should just get it over with and cut off that poor arm.

It’s fine, mom is fine.  No surgery.  No cast.  4-6 weeks of PT to prevent it from freezing up.  Should be good to go.  Good as new.  We are very lucky.

3 thoughts on “Ortho.”

  1. Mom is just too fast. May be, she should and will slow down a bit.

    I am much slower than she is. But, just like a duracell, always be able to move at any time 🙂

    Hope she is getting better.

  2. not quite right. When we were in Turkey, Noel was 10 ft ahead of me.

    yes, I have to slow down bit. Since I have paid enough tuition and now I graduated from the slow motion university.

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