Winter concert tonight.  Vince is in the 8th grade class because he’s taking Chinese which I guess is the same time as the 7th grade orchestra class.


Edda enjoying the concert in her way too small wheelchair.  The repair people still haven’t answered our emails.  Maybe Edda’ll be using this old wheelchair when she’s 17.


Edda fell asleep to the choral rendition of Maroon 5’s Maps.


After the concert, Vince worked the school store and sold Jeremy a Santa hat.


Post concert celebration at the local bubble tea place.  And we are studying Chinese!  A week and a half of study has pulled Vince’s grade from a C to B.  Which is more than I can say for my Adult Health final which I got a C on!  I don’t think I *ever* got a C on a final in college.  (Grad school, another issue – I remember getting a 17 on a test.  The math was getting really hard. So hard.) Nursing school is killing me.  I know I have a ton of other stuff I’m doing, but really, I could have studied another week and not done much better.  This is an example of a question:  You have a patient with a stroke who is unconscious and unresponsive.  He also has acid reflux.  What do you assess frequently? I know all the things to do for a stroke patient.  I know all the things you do for an acid reflux patient (you do too: Tums, don’t lie down after a meal and don’t eat spicy foods).  But what the heck do you do for a patient with acid reflux AND stroke.  I figured you’d ignore the acid reflux because you have a crap ton of other things to worry about.   Ha, ha.  No matter.  This term is done!  I’m done with going to school full-time and working full-time.  I was really lucky to have pulled this term off – the stars aligned.  Let the holidays begin.

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