Dry Aging Chicken

Well, I guess Rena’s left arm is getting better.  I can see it, not from her directly, but rather from our credit card charges.  Our cards went to sleep for a while.  Right now, I am glad it gradually moves back to normal  – a lot of them from Dollar Stores or Dollar Trees.  But, few items actually come from Macy’s.  That is good too.

Also, her activities increase a lot – sewing, harvesting potatoes, etc.  Look, here are some of her dry aging chicken in the garage.  Last year, they were hung everywhere, though tasty but not too neat, I thought. Therefore, I installed several racks. But, she still used those crooked paperclips.  It looked slightly better, but not much.

Right now, look, all those s-shape hangers (not paperclip).  They are very neat indeed.  I am very impressed. Well, “Happy Wife means Happy Life” 🙂  What more can one ask?

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