Finals week.

Finals!  Almost done.  This was a doozy of a term.  Loved it, but NEVER again am I taking on this much work.  It seemed like I worked every waking moment.  I want my weekends back.

2 thoughts on “Finals week.”

  1. I guess I have worked the hardest is the time when I won the global technical contest of my Company. I had a grant of US$10,000.00 at hand at that time. With that money, I could do whatever I liked to do. I could hide somewhere just doing my things.

    But, this just fairly theoretical. In practice, I had a group of ~15 people to lead. So during office hours, I was still doing the regular work. But, after office hours, I worked on my things.

    That year, I continuously worked in the average of 72 hours per week. I missed all holidays and vacations, except Mom's birthday.

    Just a foot note. One of our team members was really concerned that we couldn't deliver what had promised. I told him, don't worry. No body knows what the hell we were doing. If we reached our goals, it was just great. If not, we could always insist that the results were what it should be. So, … But, fortunately, we did produce something useful.

    Looking back, the only reward was nothing more than "ego satisfied."

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