My mother brought over some take-out roasted chicken this past weekend.  I ate a bunch of chicken parts and I thought to myself, this is the most delicious chicken EVER!  So juicy, fatty and savory! When has chicken ever tasted this good? I was very happy eating my chicken and then I got to the bottom of the take out container and found a duck head looking at me.  Chicken is really tasty when it’s really duck.


We got a real, live Chrismas tree from the firemen down the street.  Vince can’t ever remember having a live tree in the house.  We are having a blowout Christmas extravaganza this year – it’s going to be memorable.  You are going to have to wait and see how awesome it’s going to be (hopefully).


I did wear my sequins again on Sunday.  Here I am doing my best impression of a Hong Kong tai tai.


Ruby is still having gut issues (so much poop.  so much.):

We took her to the vet today.  I hope it’s nothing.  Or something we can do something about.  I hope it’s not something we can do nothing about.


I would be remiss to not post a picture of the amazing garage clean up Jeremy did this weekend while I studied.

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