Back to Routines

After this morning, I definitely will go back to my routines – get up early in the morning; have a bowl of cereal with fruits; drive to work; have a slice of pepperoni pizza or one of those McDonald’s 2 for $3.00 breakfast for lunch; after work, drive to McDonald’s to have a cup of senior coffee while browsing the internet; then drive back to my apartment; prepare my boiling-one-pot-with-everything dish for dinner; have a piece of Mom’s cakes for desert; do some chores and go to bed.  Ready for tomorrow with the same routines again.

Oh, coming Friday (1/9/15), I will fly back to Portland, OR for the weekend and next, next Thursday (1/15/15) to Washington DC again. There, hopefully, I can finish my mulch work for Mom and apply for our 10-year Chinese multi-entrance tourist visa.  Rena and I probably will visit China again soon.

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