The great sock sort.

These are all the socks we own.  It was getting confusing because the kids’ feet are as big as my feet (or bigger) and they keep stealing my socks.  And then the socks get lost or dispersed throughout the house.  Last week, my pile of unmatched socks filled a whole laundry basket.  I was inspired by a friend of mine who encouraged me to just let go of the unmatched socks.  She had just thrown away all her unmatched socks and felt liberated!  So I did it.  I sorted all the socks, clarified who owned which pairs and threw over 20 unmatched socks away.

Now the new year can really start in ernest.  The socks are in order.  Tomorrow the children are back at school.  We are back at work and we will all find matched socks in our drawers.

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