It is still cold.


Vince had a pile of sand in his room called “kinetic sand”.  It’s a bunch of sand with some sort of gooey polymer blended in so that the concoction feels moldable and flowable.  He’s had it for many months and it does feel very nice when you run it through your hands.  Because the polymer holds the sand grains together, there was no sand scattered throughout the room.

On Thursday, Vince discovered that his sand pile was 3/4 gone and found a guilty looking dog next to the bowl.  Apparently Ruby ate the sand pile.  As a result, Ruby’s been shitting sand for a few days now.  It’s funny watching it come out because it falls out and crumbles just like the kinetic sand did when it fell out of your hand.  Poor girl.  At least her insides are scrubbed out.


Vince got knock off Beats headphones this morning ($11 dollars, Target!).  He suddenly looks completely like the teenager that he is.

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