U Street Is Cold but in Good Shape

I arrived at U Street around 10:30 PM last night.  Without examining everywhere, it looks it is in very good shape.

As a student of “heat transfer”, I didn’t turn on the heat because by the time it reaches the desired temperature, I am sure I will be about to leave.  It needs to heat the whole house inside out – a lot of mass and air in it. Therefore, I went to bed right away,  a couple of minutes later, it was really warm inside my blankets.

Water is another problem.  Without it, no shower.  Well, I always can drive to Safeway, fast food restaurants to get warm water there.

For outbound flight coming to Portland, is was overbooked but I didn’t bid on the price to be bumped. However, for inbound flight to Knoxville, TN today, it was also overbooked and I did put a $350.00 bid and see what will happen.  I may do a lot of window shopping to observe all kinds of people coming and going in the airport.;

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