Edda’s thanksgiving play.

I know this is old – but we just got it loaded onto youtube.  It’s Edda’s Thanksgiving play.  When I watch it, I’m both happy and sad.  I like it when I tilt more towards happy (which is mostly how I feel about these things), but it’s also always a little sad.  For a long time I wanted that last lingering bit of sad to go away (because I just wanted to get over it and get on with it, whatever “it” was), but now I think that it’s OK that it’s in there all the time – like a little stone I carry around in my pocket.  Sometimes, like a stone in your pocket, you can forget that it’s there because you are so used to carrying it around.  But it weighs something and whenever you reach for a tissue or lip balm or some cash, you remember, oh yeah, that.  Yeah, it’s still there.

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