Long day.


It has been a long day.   I’m still trying to learn how to be a mother.  Forgive me my faults, my dear children.  I’m trying my best.

What even made the day longer was that I needed to drive to Alexandria, back to my mother ship, the patent office. I don’t think I’ve been back to the office in over a year, but I needed to go today because an attorney requested an in-person interview and I also needed to restock my office supplies.   I lugged a cart full of paper and toner from the office supply room to the car (and through snow/salt/sand covering very bumpy bricked sidewalks) which was parked about a quarter-mile away.  Someday I do aspire to do my work mostly paperless, but it’s just so very satisfying to make notations on a real sheet of paper with a real pen.

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