Flu, Tamiflu, Love Bugs & Shovel Snow

Last Thursday, I flew back to Washington DC from Knoxville.  Inside this small, cramped regional jet, a passenger was coughing all the time.

After trimmed the trees all day on Friday, On Saturday morning, I didn’t feel like to put up the round fence for Mom’s new plants.  I felt a bit tired and muscle aches all over.  I thought I worked hard and my age caught me.  Then I flew back to Knoxville on Sunday.

Monday morning, I was really sick, down and out.  I went to a small clinic inside Kroger grocery store. Their test identified that I had flu type B and ordered Tamiflu for treatment.  Before checking out my Tamiflu with 10 tablets, it costs $118.00 with my insurance paying $50.00.  I thought it was too expensive and with other organs in perfect conditions,  I turned it down.  Boy, two days later, I am doing better.

And, I am happy to learn that there is shortage of Tamiflu. May be someone have better use of Tamiflu than in my case – but still expensive.

Mom played Mahjon on Monday,  Tuesday, she didn’t feel good also.  Evidently, she caught my love bugs along the way.  Sorry, she missed the Thursday game.

Rena & I are quite independent, I think.  But, in case of shoveling the snow, I think Mom, all by herself, really can use some help for our own good.  I am afraid she will trip or fall again.  So, I really, really appreciate Doris’ offer to help everything time.  It is a great help and many thanks. 

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