It snowed on Wed.  And it happened to be the same day that we got more insulation blown into the house.  So I guess that is a good thing.

Our house is awesome in many, many ways, but it does have its own issues.  One of which is inconsistent insulation in various spaces.  Like the space behind the fireplace which was empty.  See the nice insulation guy put his whole body in that space?  That space that is (well, was) the same temperature as the outside.  Yeah, no good for keeping the house warm.

It took Jeremy and me five years to agree to get this work done.  Jeremy and I have a long and convoluted way of making these decisions.  We got the quote five years ago and have spent the intervening time debating whether we were going to do it or not.   Thank goodness not all of our decisions take this long.  Otherwise, we’d still be stuck on a corner in Pasadena where we first met.


I did this crazy thing where I signed up to TA a class this term.  I’m going to teach a recitation session of the med/surg (adult health) class I took.  I loved this class, it was the first class that I felt tied everything together – how the body works, how disease processes work, what interventions are necessary, what drugs are appropriate and what to teach the patient.  And we went from head to toe, all the major systems in the body.  And I saw a lot of it in actual patients in clinical.  I’ve never done any teaching before, it should be fun.  Maybe.  Or a lot of work.  Or maybe no one will show up and it’ll be a bust.  We’ll see!  Today was a gathering of all the TAs and tutors and we spent some time getting to know each other.  In general, I hate teambuilding exercises, but these were not too terrible.  Puzzle anyone?

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