Happy birthday!

It was Nat’s birthday on Saturday and we tried to plan a big party for her, but because of her weekend schedule and our weekday schedules, we couldn’t really hold the big shindig that we wanted to.  So we celebrated at 6:45 am on Friday morning before work/school.  We got her a crown, a big puff pastry and tableclothed the table and we all ate eggs and bacon and delicious fruit salad.


Vince broke his phone by having it in his pocket and then running into a doorknob.   Jeremy presented me with three options, two of which involved spending money and one which did not.  I chose the one which did not involve spending money.  So last week, we spent some time switching phones around.  Vince got the Android phone I was using.  I started up Donald’s old iPhone 5.   This was the option that didn’t involve spending money which meant that I had to travel back in smartphone time to 2012. Vince didn’t want to go to the iPhone 5 for a couple of reasons: 1. all his games were on the Android platform and he would lose all the progress he’s made in those games & 2.  the iPhone screen was smaller than his phone.  I thought I didn’t care about the screen size, but now after using the iPhone 5 for three days, I feel like my fingers are too fat to type on such a little screen.

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