Reelfoot Lake, TN and New Madrid, MO

Today, we left Nashville, TN to Reelfoot Lake, TN which was created by the earthquake of 1811-1812. We also went to an earthquake created town of New Madrid, MO.
Pictures 1-3 show the lake scenery.  Picture 4, Mom was playing with snow on the ground.  Actually, it was not snow but left behind cotton after machine harvesting.  The last picture was at New Madrid, MO Mississippi River water front.
This time, I tried to celebrate our new year by staying in nice hotels (Hyatt, Holiday Inns & Hilton) all with hot breakfast (except Hilton). While driving Mom, she kept asking me about hotel rates and looking at her road side hotel coupons.  I guess she [me too:)] are not used to travel several consecutive days in such a fancy style.  Well, everything has its beginning.
After New Madrid, Mom started to look deep into the history of New Madrid earthquake.  

2 thoughts on “Reelfoot Lake, TN and New Madrid, MO”

  1. Yes, once we stayed in "Road Side Hilton" – a parking spot in front of the rest room at rest area along the highway.

    Mom insisted to sleep in the front and offered the back seat to me because I was the driver.

    After going to the rest room during the night, I discovered Mom changed her seat and sleeping at the back.

    Next morning, I asked Mom and she said it was self-regulating 🙂 Good for her.

  2. Oh forgot to mention Mom wasn't too unhappy to miss our New Year eve dinner at that fancy restaurant at Franklin, TN. Asking her why? She said at least save me some $$$ :)by dining at more modesty one.

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