Donald Skyped me the day before yesterday. (Otherwise known as qian tian in Chinese. I’m learning that Chinese has these beautiful words for today +/- three days which leads me to ask Vince for the word for the “day before the day before yesterday”.)  Skype works terribly on my Android phone and Donald is trying valiantly to switch me back over to an iPhone so we can FaceTime , even offering a gently used hand-me-down one.  But I’m loathe to change over because we have 10,000 cheap off-brand charge cables for Android phones and no chargers for an iPhone.   I would have to go buy 10,000 chargers because I want them in all the usual places I inhabit – next to the bed, next to work, in the car, in the bathroom, next to the front door, in my purse.  That seems too complicated to me.

Anyways, Donald skyped me from the road in Tahoe.  So lovely he thought of me on his little vacation to some arts/movie/celebrity festival that only people without dependents and who can own nice things without the threat of smeared peanut butter on them can go to.  Anyways, it turns out he spun his car out from the road (even with chains on) and was waiting patiently for the tow truck to come and he was trying to kill some time.

Skype was cutting in and out, so we finally did switch to FaceTime on Edda’s hand-me-down iPad (from Donald, of course) and set it up on the dining room table at an empty table setting and Donald joined us for dinner.

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