Snow day.

After two weeks of holiday, we couldn’t even manage 2 days in a row without a disruption in our schedule.  The snow storm was forcasted to hit Rockville at 4 am and peter out by 9 am.  So when we awoke at quarter to 6 and checked our phones in the darkness of our bedroom (two little glowing screens in the pitch black), we saw that school was delayed 2 hours.

We groaned and got up anyways because no matter the schedule, Edda’s up by 6, which means we are up by 6.  But Vince got to sleep in at least.  But there was some optimism in the morning because the kids would GO TO SCHOOL eventually.  But the snow didn’t stop and they cancelled school at around 8 am.  By that time, Vince had painted Edda’s toenails and I had decluttered some filing cabinets and found these super cute school photos of Vince circa 2007.

Vince made me lunch.  He can be an excellent from-scratch cook (Jeremy is teaching him well), but he knows with me, he can coax me into a fish stick lunch.


Of course, I needed to go shovel my mother’s driveway.  I couldn’t do it until late in the day today.  I actually asked her very early in the morning to call someone and pay them to shovel her driveway and if she couldn’t do that, I’d be there by 5pm.  I called her at 3 pm to see if anyone had shoveled her driveway and she told me that she hadn’t gotten anyone to do it, but she insisted that I not come over to shovel.  I asked her how she intended to leave the house without falling over snow and ice.  She said that she would wait until it melted.  I sighed.  I don’t think it’s going to get above freezing for 4 days.

Anyways, by the time I got there at 5 pm, she had shoveled the whole driveway.  Remember, my mom has fallen and broken her shoulder just not so many weeks ago.  My mother is crazy.  I understand this means I’m crazy too.  As I left her house, she called happily after me, “See!  I’m not old, I can still shovel snow!”  

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