The Return

Its been awhile, but thought I would make my reappearance on the blog. Things that have been happening recently:

  • Football playoffs – some friends of long suffering franchises have had thier moment in the sun (Bengals, Lion). They continue to suffer. They continue to be better than the Washington football team.
  • Games – played Ina bridge tournament over the weekend. Messed two hands in the very beginning that psyched me out. Was upset for awhile. But managed to eke out 3rd place overall for the 99er stratified pairs. I have some mild obsession to gain ACBL master points. 
  • Other games – Kevin got the board game Eurorails, for himself. An interesting crayon game where you actually draw with crayons on the board as railroad tracks. Slow, and somewhat random. Not sure this is a game that I fully enjoy. Lawrence will not be playing it again as we spend 6 hours on the game the other night. 
  • Dating – won’t go into too much detail here as this is a public forum, but am enjoying myself and learning about myself. One fun side note is that I really get to explore the city a lot. I get to try out that cool bar where the girl lives. I get to eat at that fun new restaurant across town. 🙂
  • Misc – teaching people how to drive manual is fun. Spinning out on an alpine road is not. 
2015, for all of you, I hope is another year of growth and self-awareness. Be kind to yourself and put yourself in other peoples’ shoes as much as possible. I’ll be seeing you guys a bit more this time. 🙂

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  1. And, way to stay in the dating game. You're a catch. Just wish you lived in Austin. You'd have a date every night!!!

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