4 day weekend.

Today was a holiday for some dead presidents.  It’s frigid out (8 degrees!) and leaving the house did not seem like a fun idea.  Jeremy and I put in a full work day.  God, we are so boring.  Maybe someday we’ll learn to have more fun – skiiing or bobsledding or ice skating or whatever it is that people do for fun in the winter.  The kids were bored. Vince tried to entice some friends over, but no one was free or willing to brave the cold weather.  Vince decided that he wanted to make fried chicken for lunch and this is what happened:

It was delicious.  Vince is a good cook.


It’s good that we got some extra insulation blown into the attic a few weeks ago.  Listening to the wind howling outside while paying last month’s electricity bill and thinking about heat transfer can make a person think that dollar bills are just blowing off of the roof.  Even with the extra padding upstairs, the heater can’t quite keep the upstairs at 68 degrees.  At 9 am, the upstairs was 65 degrees.  I was working at my computer with a bulky sweater and some cozy slippers and I was just fine.  Jeremy was shivering under 2 down blankets and reading some documents.  Jeremy thinks he might have screwed up his metabolism with his fasting diet.  He’s cold a lot.  Even when it’s not 8 degrees outside.

MCPS called a snow day for tomorrow.  We are relaxing into the last bit of our impromptu four-day weekend.  I’m hoping that the heater can keep up, that the pipes don’t burst and that the electricity stays on.  Stay warm everyone!

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